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Paul Helmke - "Lunatic Killers Prove Need for Stronger Gun Laws"

WASHINGTON --- Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, issued the following statement in the wake of the tragic shooting at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

“Back in April, a disturbed Pittsburgh man killed three police officers because he thought President Obama was going to take his guns. Yesterday [Thursday], a bigot took the life of a museum security guard because he thought the Government was coming to take his weapons. We can only wish that their guns had been taken away.

“I have to believe most Americans think that a man who spent time in prison for trying to assault the Federal Reserve Building and spread as much hate as this man did, who left a note saying ‘Jews captured America’s money’ and ‘Jews… are America’s enemies’ should indeed have had his guns taken away. Maybe then Stephen T. Johns’ wife wouldn’t be a widow, and his son wouldn’t be without a father.

“This man was a walking poster child for why we must make it harder for dangerous people to have guns. President Obama and Congress need to take action about radical extremist hate crimes and gun violence, instead of avoiding the subject.”


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