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Paul Anka Backs Out Of Performing At Trump Inauguration

Singer-songwriter Paul Anka has reportedly backed out of his commitment to singing his hit "My Way" for President-elect Donald Trump's inaugural ball. 

Anka was set to perform a special version of the song, with the Daily Mail reporting that the 75-year-old performer rewrote the lyrics specifically for Donald Trump. 

A source close to Anka told Radar: "Paul was asked by the members of the Trump inauguration committee and he was only too happy to do it for his longtime friend. While everyone else was running scared from performing at the inauguration, Paul stood fast. He wasn’t about to be intimated by anyone."

However, in a Jan. 13 video sent to TMZ, Anka now says that he will now be backing out of the Inauguration performance because he has another conflict at the same time.

"There was a dialogue to [perform] -- My Way is [Trump's] favorite song -- but the back story of it is I've been in a custody battle for two years for my son Ethan, and we have a new schedule now and I'm unable to do it," said Anka.

Anka would have been the featured singer at the inaugural ball, and the song was meant to be the first dance between the new president and his wife, Melania Trump. 

The performer called Trump an old friend of 50 years. He asserts that his decision to back out of the commitment is not based on his politics, although he did not comment on whether his political views match Trump's.

"I have a respect for the office of the presidency," he told TMZ, adding that performing would have been "good for our country" and a sign of respect for the presidency.

The Daily Mail reports that rapper Flo Rida and "God Bless the USA" singer Lee Greenwood have accepted invitations to perform during the inauguration festivities. 

Sources: The Daily Mail, Radar, TMZ / Photo Credit: tom.beetz/Flickr

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