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Patricia Wesner Returns $11k that Fell Out of Brinks Truck

When driving behind a Brinks armored truck full of cash, people quickly imagine what it would be like if cash just started falling out.

This was Patricia Wesner’s exact thought when she drove behind an armored truck on Route 22 near Salem, New York, except this time, it actually happened.

She told NBC News that she thought to herself, “Wouldn’t it be great if money started pouring out?”

Almost immediately after she thought this, the truck went over a bump and coins started coming out. After it went over another bump, cash started falling.

“He hit a bump and a spray of change came out in front of my car, and I looked and went, ‘oh my God, that’s money!’ He hit another bump and bills just flew out all over the place,” she said.

Though she dreamed of what it would be like if cash fell out, she never once thought of stealing the money.

When the bills flew everywhere, she pulled over, grabbed the money, and called police.

Authorities came to the scene and eventually caught up with the truck to let the driver know it was losing money on the road. They believe the truck’s door was not working properly.

There were 70 bags of $1 bills, six boxes of quarters, two boxes of dimes, two boxes of nickels and 12 boxes of pennies in total. All was returned to the truck and Wesner left with nothing. They released her and she drove to lunch, where she didn’t have enough money to pay for food.

She said, during the entire incident, she didn’t feel tempted to keep the money for herself, despite the fact that she runs a nonprofit organization that could benefit from the extra funds.

“It’s stealing if you take something that’s not yours and I never even thought, you know I picked up a lot of bills that were on the ground and never even thought that I would put anything in my pocket. It didn’t belong to me,” she said.

Authorities haven’t revealed whether she will receive a reward for returning the money.



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