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Teen Raped At Hospital While Being Treated For Rape (Photo)

Teen Raped At Hospital While Being Treated For Rape (Photo) Promo Image

In a case of horrible irony, a Georgia teenager was allegedly raped at a mental health facility -- where she was being treated for rape.

The 16-year-old said she was showering in her room at Anchor Hospital in Atlanta on Feb. 16 when she was assaulted, reports WXIA.

Clayton County jail records confirm that Austin Ryder Miller, 18, was arrested on Aug. 18 and charged with one count of rape.

It is unclear whether or not Miller was himself a patient at the hospital, as the WXIA report refers to the victim as "another" patient.

Miller was released from jail only two days prior to the incident, as WMAZ reported at the time.

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On Feb. 10, he was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and acts after he allegedly threatened to bring a gun to the high school that he was attending.

After a search of his home turned up no weapons, he was released on Feb. 14.

According to police, the victim said the suspect had a female accomplice who was "looking out" to make sure he wasn't caught.

"The unidentified female stated she thought it was consensual," when asked why she didn't stop the attack, according to the incident report.

The report also stated that victim told police she did not want to identify the suspect because he apologized to her the following day.

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According to attorney L. Chris Stewart, the victim's mother immediately took the girl to police, who investigated the case for six months.

Stewart said a live security camera at the hospital recorded Miller entering the bathroom, and also the woman standing watch outside, but hospital staff workers were not monitoring camera at the time.

"What makes this case so egregious is that the victim was being treated for a sexual assault that happened to her in the sixth grade," Stewart said. "It's mind-blowing that a child would be raped again at a place where she went for help."

On Sept. 15, Stewart said he filed suit on behalf of the family against Anchor Hospital and its parent company, Universal Health Services.

The lawsuit alleges that Anchor has a history of "negligent failure to supervise its residents," "sexual assaults on its premises," and "failing to have adequate staff." Further, it claims the hospital "has been cited by the federal government for violations prior to this incident."

Anchor Hospital and Universal Health Services have not responded to requests for comment.

Sources: WXIA, WMAZ / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: WXIAMax Pixel

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