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Pastor Who Spent Years Helping Homeless People Finds Himself Homeless After Fire

A South Carolina pastor who took care of homeless people for 18 years became homeless himself after his house burned down, but thankfully, his community stepped up to help him.

Rev. Sam Thompson, 76, lost his whole house due to a fire back in January, and like most of the people he helps, he was suddenly thrust into homelessness. He and his wife Miss Annie were forced to live in a shelter for eight months until they had the money needed to rebuild their home.

“You learn in many ways in life, even at my age, and this experience has renewed my commitment to the people who have nowhere to go, nowhere to live,” said Thompson. “I have been right there living with them for the past months, and I know more than ever that the work that we do, and others do for the downtrodden, is God’s work.”

Community members rallied together to raise money to help the elderly couple, but they say they haven’t accepted a penny for themselves. Instead, the couple has put every bit of money donated to them towards rebuilding and the ministries. Reports say they are expected to be in their new home in about a month as generous members of the community join together to rebuild the home from the ground up.

“We were blessed by so many, from so many places,” said Thompson. “We can only thank the generosity of all these people.”

Thompson refuses to accept any praise for his nearly two decades of helping people and says he will continue to do so, especially after experiencing homelessness himself.

Sources: Inquisitr, The State


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