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Pastor Refuses To Marry Couple Because Of Bride's Skimpy Dress

Picking out the perfect wedding dress can be an arduous task, but one Houston bride’s non-traditional choice went so awry, her pastor refused to marry her.

Apostle Michael Canty of The Truth Ministries Holiness Church refused to marry Lisa Washington and her fiancé Aug. 10, when he deemed Washington’s dress, pictured above, to be too revealing. When he met the couple an hour before the ceremony was scheduled to begin, he asked where the rest of Washington’s dress was jokingly, but then explained he would refuse to marry the couple if adjustments weren’t rendered to the dress to make it more modest. When Washington explained that it wouldn’t be possible to do so in time, Canty secluded himself in his office.

After hours of waiting, impatient guests began to wonder what the hold up was, and one minister in attendance offered to marry the couple, per the Insquistr. However, Canty refused and expressed contempt at what he deemed a disrespectful offer. The ceremony never happened, and now the couple is looking into how they recoup some of their financial losses from the worst, best day of their lives.

Washington explained to America Preachers, “Small alterations [were] made to the dress to fit more desirably to my vision. I’m a unique person, I chose this dress because it’s different than the traditional wedding gown you see at every wedding.”

According to Inquistr, Neither Lisa Washington nor her fiancé were members of the church, and Holiness churches tend to have very strict dress codes. They often forbid the use of make-up and nail polish, jewelry and other accessories, and skirts and dresses must below the knees, with shirts typically needing to be long-sleeved.


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