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Pastor Outed As Ashley Madison User Commits Suicide

A pastor and father of two died from suicide on Aug. 24 after he was outed as an Ashley Madison user.

John Gibson's wife, Christi, found him dead in their New Orleans home at 5:30 p.m. when she arrived home from work, according to The Gatekeeper. She notified emergency medical services, but they were unable to revive him and pronounced him dead on the scene.

"It was a moment that life doesn't prepare you for," she told CNN Money. "I had to call my kids. How do you tell your kids that their dad is gone and that he took his own life?"

Christi mentioned that John left a suicide note.

"He talked about depression," she said about the note. "He talked about having his name on (the Ashley Madison list), and he said he was just very, very sorry. What we know about him is that he poured his life into other people, and he offered grace and mercy and forgiveness to everyone else, but somehow he couldn't extend that to himself."

John's friends and family say he was known for his selflessness and compassion.

"He was particularly known for his acts of kindness to the seminary family," Seminary President Chuck Kelley told The Gatekeeper. "John was the quintessential good neighbor.”

In his free time, John provided free car repairs to countless seminary students, Kelley said. He would purchase parts out of his own pocket and refused to let students repay him.

Even though he was well-loved, John reportedly feared that he disappointed the congregation and would lose his job.

"It wasn't so bad that we wouldn't have forgiven it, and so many people have said that to us, but for John, it carried such a shame," Christi said.

John is one of many Ashley Madison users believed to have committed suicide after a cyber hack released 32 million names of those who used the extra-marital dating site.

Christi had a message for others affected by the online leak.

"These were real people with real families, real pain and real loss," she said. "Don't underestimate the power of love. Nothing is worth the loss of a father and a husband and a friend. It just didn't merit it. It didn't merit it at all."

Sources: The Gatekeeper, WPTV
Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail


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