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Pastor Luther Jones Accused of Shooting, Killing Nephew at Church (Video)

Pastor Luther Jones, of the Belgrade Baptist Church in Newton County, Texas, was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing his nephew Curtis Jones (pictured) on Sunday.

According to KBMT, Pastor Jones is being held on a murder charge (video below).

Juanita Jones told KJAS that her brother Curtis was driving to another church when someone signaled for him to pull into the Belgrade Baptist Church.

Curtis drove into the driveway of the church and Pastor Jones allegedly shot him three times through the passenger side window. 

The victim then accelerated and crashed into a tree.

Juanita said her brother and Pastor Jones had a family feud. Newton County Sheriff Eddie Shannon told KJAS that an autopsy was being performed.

Family members say Curtis was recently been released from prison.

Sources: KBMT and KJAS


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