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Pastor Asks Teen Daughter to Get Paternity Test on Show 'Pastor's Daughters'

In a new reality show, teen mother Olivia Perry reveals to her strict Christian family that she does not know who the father of her baby is.

Perry, 18, stars in ‘Preacher’s Daughters,’ a show focusing on three young people as they struggle to follow their family’s strict religious beliefs.

In 2011, Perry gave birth to a girl named Eden after she spent a summer experimenting with drugs and partying.

In a preview, she revealed to her siblings, “So you know how Eden’s father is Sean...Well there’s actually a chance that she could be this guy’s name Jay’s.”

After the truth came out, her family was shocked and wasn’t sure what to think.

Her sister Emily, 20, said, “It’s definitely hard to hear that my little sister’s slept with more than one guy. She’s my little sister, I don’t want to hear that she slept with any guy.”

Other sister Audrey, 23, said, “My initial reaction was what kind of girl was she? Was she known as like the slutty girl?”

She finally builds up the courage to tell her father, Mark, who is the senior leader at the Everyday Church in Oceano, California.

“I mean, how many guys are we talking about?” Mark asks. “There needs to be a paternity test. Let’s pray for you.”

Mark said he chose to participate in the reality show to reveal their story and dispel some of the myths about being a pastor and having a family.

“We didn’t say yes to the show because we wanted to be on TV. We said yes because we wanted to tell our story,” he said. “We’ll be able to show our weaknesses and hopefully our’s not really a religious show. It’s a human show. It’s a family show.”

In addition to the Perry family, the show follows Taylor Coleman whose father Ken is a Pentecostal Church Pastor.

Taylor reveals in a preview that she wants to become a porn star.

‘Preacher’s Daughters’ will air on the Lifetime network on March 12. It was produced by Thinkfactory Media, which was behind A&E series Gene Simmons Family Jewels and History mini series Hatfields & McCoys.



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