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Passersby See Naked Woman Crying Next To Her Car, Quickly Figure Out Why

An angry wife whose husband allegedly cheated on her with her twin decided to enact revenge on them by leaving them naked in a parking lot after discovering them together.

According to reports, 29-year-old Ting Su tracked her husband and sister down at a shopper center parking lot and caught them together in a car. Shocked, the husband and sister immediately jumped out of the vehicle without any clothes on, and in that moment, Ting decided to seize the great opportunity presented to her.

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As soon as her twin sister and husband jumped out of the car naked, Ting jumped into the car and drove off. As she drove away, both the husband and twin sister looked humiliated as they attempted to stop her from driving off.

“It was so funny,” 33-year-old witness You Meng said, according to Metro UK. “Loads of people were grabbing their phones and I did as well. He was banging his fist on the window and shouting at her, and she just wasn’t playing ball.”

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Reports say that Ting has filed for divorce from her 30-year-old husband Cheng and has discovered that he’s been sleeping with her twin sister since she gave birth to the couple’s own set of twins.

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Sources:Metro UKThe Lad Bible / Photo Source: Metro UK/Europics


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