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Mom Arrested After 3-Year-Old Boy Found In Ditch

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A passerby was headed down the road in Rockland County, Maine, when they reportedly noticed a young boy lying in a ditch alongside the road, covered in pink nail polish.  

According to Mad World News, the passerby called police. When officers showed up they questioned the 3-year-old child, who didn't know how he had gotten into the ditch. The boy reportedly told them the last thing he remembered was watching "Scooby Doo" at home. 

Officers searched the area and found an open door where "Scooby Doo" was playing on the TV inside the living room, WABI reports. As they entered the residence, police found 27-year-old Mandy Dennison passed out in her bedroom, with prescription drugs that were not prescribed to her strewn about her room, according to Mad World News.

Dennison was arrested but bailed out. However, when police went to check on her the following day, they again found her in possession of prescription drugs that were not hers.

Dennison's son was reportedly placed in the care of his grandmother while Dennison was hauled off to jail for the second day in a row. She was charged with illegal possession, child endangerment and violating the conditions of her release, WABI notes.

The incidents occurred in April, and Dennison pleaded not guilty to the charges on June 20.

Investigators are uncertain how the boy got covered in pink nail polish but theorized that he got into some household items while his mother was passed out in her room, according to Mad World News.  

Sources: Mad World News, WABI / Photo Credit: Knox County Jail via Portland Press Herald

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