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Passengers Waited to Grab Luggage While Asiana Plane Burned

Soon after Asiana Flight 214 crashed at the San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, many passengers made sure they had their luggage before fleeing the burning airplane.

"Some jumped out or slid down emergency chutes with luggage in hand," reported CNN.

"We quickly slung on luggage and grabbed our child and walked toward the back," said passenger Xu Das. "Saw the kitchen at back mostly disappeared. A huge hole, very round. We quickly rushed out. Only after coming out did we see three of us had slight bruises."

However, had the jet fuel fire spread more quickly many of the baggage seekers could have been killed.

According toForbes, "Once aviation fuel spills, the chances are great that it will come in contact with a hot surface like an engine and ignite. Or the fuel could ignite for other reasons, including sparks caused by the fuselage skidding along the tarmac."

"Once the fuel ignites it spreads very quickly.  Even the skin of an aircraft will burn through under the right conditions spreading the fire inside the aircraft very quickly."

According to witnesses, some of the baggage was carry-on with wheels, which means passengers likely had to find it in the overhead bins as the plane burned.

Some passengers said they had their passports and money in their carry-on luggage, but they still could have been burnt to a crisp had the fire spread quickly via jet fuel.

Sources: Forbes and CNN


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