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Passengers Take on Armed Robber on Seattle Bus (Video)

A man riding a Seattle bus had a gun shoved in his face as a voice behind the ski mask demanded his cell phone. Instead of giving in, the man immediately reacted.

“Me and two other guys kind of jumped on the two of them,” said the man, who wished not to be identified. “And we all kind of landed in the middle of the bus until police arrived.” 

The footage of the takedown, captured on the bus camera, has been released. It shows the robber, later identified as 19-year-old Trevonnte Brown, walking through the bus with a gun in his hand. He sticks the weapon in two passengers’ faces, taking their phones while no one else notices.

When he gets to his third would-be victim, the man immediately jumps up and begins struggling with Brown. Two other passengers also help with the tackle, as the other passengers evacuate the bus in a panic (though not before collecting all of their belongings).

On the way out, a passenger calls the tackler a “hero.”

“Nice work, fella,” he can be heard saying.

Brown has since been charged with three felonies: two counts of first-degree robbery and one count of attempted first-degree robbery. He had committed exactly the same type of armed bus robbery the week before, wearing the same ski mask.

Currently detained in jail on $350,000 bail, Brown told police he did not regret his actions. He said he makes about $400 per iPhone stolen during his exploits.

According to Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson, cell phone robberies on buses and other public transport are on the rise everywhere in Seattle. 

“We don’t want to tell people not to use their phones, but just be aware of your surroundings, be smart,” he advised. “Don’t be so engrossed you lose all perspective and you fail to notice what’s around you. Be assertive, walk with a purpose. Have some confidence.”

Brown’s mother, Trina Clay, told KIRO-7 that she suspected her son had a gun.

“I stopped him at the door,” said Clay. “‘Lift your coat up, open your jacket,’ and I kind of frisked him down. ‘Malik said you have a gun. You have a gun? You’re not bringing a gun in here. You don’t even need a gun.’ He was like, ‘No Mom, I don’t have a gun.’”

Clay believes he may have committed the robberies to pay to retrieve his car, which had recently been towed.

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