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Passengers of Flight Restrain Man After He Attempts to Open Emergency Door

A man who tried to open the emergency exit during an Alaskan Airlines flight was tackled by two men before he was able to do anything.

Henry Pignataro was aided by another man in getting Alexander Herrera, 23, under control and away from the door. The two men tied him up with three sets of shoelaces.

During the flight from Alaska to Oregon, Herrera began saying "unusual statements" before he went to the door and tried to open it.

Ryan Oelrich said he was sleeping until he heard "lots of screaming."

"My first thought was that the plane must be going down, but then I heard someone screaming to stop him, take him down," he said. "I looked behind me and in the exit row was a very large gentleman who was attempting to open the exit row door."

Though he seemed quite determined at first to get the door open, he calmed down once he was restrained and sat quietly until the plane landed. He was then arrested.

Once he was arrested and escorted off the plane, the passengers thanked the men for restraining him.

"The entire plane, to the best of our ability, gave them a standing ovation for what they did," Oelrich said. "I'm so very thankful there are people out there who are willing to step up and do their part."

Sources: USA Today, ABC


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