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Passengers Fight Over Reclining Seat, Get Kicked Off Plane (Video)

An United Airlines flight between Newark, N.J., and Denver, Colo., made an unexpected landing in Chicago on Sunday after two passengers fought over a reclining seat.

During United Flight 1462, one passenger applied a small device called a "Knee Defender" to his tray table, which blocked the woman in front of him from reclining her seat a few inches in United’s Economy Plus section (video below).

According to the Associated Press, a flight attendant asked the male passenger to remove the Knee Defender, but he refused, and then the woman threw a cup of water in his face.

Knee Defenders don't violate any FAA laws, but airlines can make their own policies. In this case, United Airlines doesn't allow the small plastic devices.

After the flight was cut short and landed in Chicago, the two passengers were escorted off the plane by police and TSA officers, but were not charged because it was a "customer service issue," TSA spokesman Ross Feinstein told the Associated Press.

The flight eventually made it to Denver an hour-and-a-half late.

"Knee Defenders aren't about getting more space," Ira Goldman, inventor of the Knee Defender, told ABC News. "They're about stopping something from moving and hitting you."

"It starts the conversation before there's a problem," added Goldman. "This has been on a market for 11 years next month. [It’s] never happened before."

Sources: Associated Press, ABC News


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