'You Just Lost A Lot Of Customers': Passengers Boo As Flight Crew Kicks Woman Off Plane (Video)


Passengers booed an American Airlines flight crew for kicking a woman off a plane for allegedly no reason. 

The incident, which was caught on video (below) by passenger Bill Byrne, shows the woman crying and asking flight attendants what she did wrong. 

“I need you to come off. If you don’t come off I’m going to have to call the officers,” the flight attendant can be heard saying. 

“You just lost a lot of customers,” one passenger says, before a large group of passengers begin to boo the flight crew for kicking the woman off.

“I’ve seen people who deserve that but never actually seen somebody thrown off a plane,” Byrne told KATU about the incident. “It was nuts, and that poor woman was so upset. She handled it well, but you could tell it was super embarrassing for her.”

A miscommunication between the woman and a flight attendant about clearing the aisle was reportedly overheard by nearby passengers. Byrne did not witness the alleged exchange between the woman and the flight attendant who ordered her off the plane. 

Another passenger said she would be filing a complaint with American Airlines.

The airline subsequently responded to the incident, saying they would be investigating the events leading up to the woman being kicked off the plane.

Watch the intense incident below.

Sources: KATU, Uproxx / Photo credit: katu.com


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