Passage of Proposition 19 Would Create Further Harm and Bureaucratic Chaos, Making it a Financial Bottomless Pit for CA

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Karachi, Oct. 04 -- Alexandra Datig of Nip It In The Bud: No on Prop. 19 urges voters to: "Read the measure. It is absolutely critical voters understand that Proposition 19 would wreak havoc on our youth, on our roads, in our communities, in our workplace, in our homes, on our public lands and would create a public safety nightmare. Our communities, men and women in law enforcement and our elected public servants deserve better than to have to deal with unenforceable federal laws and costly bureaucratic chaos!

"Californians are being asked to vote on regulating, taxing and controlling marijuana in 536 individual municipalities with no framework for taxation, no framework for regulation and no framework for control. This measure leaves it up to cities and counties to make their own separate rules with no specific instruction. This poorly drafted, vague and misleading measure is sure to go straight to court if it passes, costing the taxpayer even more money for years to come. Passage would further cost 536 municipalities valuable time and resources while drug dealers, drug users and growers run rampant throughout the state, leaving the playing field wide open for legalized drug dealing.

"In 1996 Californians didn't know what they signed up for when they voted for medical marijuana with Proposition 215. Many members in the medical marijuana community have admitted this. They are now also opposed to Proposition 19. What we know today from the lessons of Prop. 215 is there are only few who follow the rules and we know that those who don't, have brought vandalism, crime, shootings, addiction and even killings to many California communities. This has got to stop and we must stop it now by voting against Proposition 19!

"Cities and counties have had to learn the hard way how the loopholes and vague text in Proposition 215 have caused all kinds of serious problems for many cities and counties at taxpayer expense. Proposition 19 suggests more of the same and worse. Californians must stop this measure now!" said Datig.

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