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Man Throwing Rocks Is Shot, Killed By Police Officers (Video)

A homeless man who was reportedly fleeing the scene of a crime was shot and killed by police officers in Pasco, Washington, Tuesday evening.

Police reportedly responded to a call about a man throwing rocks at cars near a busy intersection. When they arrived at the scene, officers say the suspect assaulted two of them, refused to comply with their orders, and wasn’t stopped by a shock he received from a stun gun, reports the Associated Press.

They also say the man hit two officers with rocks and refused to put down the other stones he was holding, reports ABC News.

Police say they felt threatened by the suspect and shot him. He reportedly ran away and made it half a block before he was killed.

The victim has been identified as Antonio Zambrano-Montes, 35, who once reportedly resided at a Pasco homeless shelter.

The incident was reportedly recorded by a 21-year-old who was about 50 feet away from the incident in his vehicle at the time. The witness, Dario Infante, says the suspect ran, was chased by police, and was then shot after he stopped running and turned around to face them.

“He didn’t throw any rocks after he started running,” Infante said.

Three officers have reportedly been placed on leave while an investigation takes place. This incident marks the fourth fatal police shooting in Pasco in six months. The officers involved in previous shootings have been cleared of charges.

Sources: Associated PressABC News/Photo Credit: Elvert Barnes/Flickr, YouTube


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