Partygoer With Handgun Shoots Disgruntled Guest Who Opened Fire At Glendale, Arizona, Gathering


In an incident that is already being lauded by gun rights advocates as proof that “guns save lives,” an armed partygoer in Glendale, Ariz., shot another man who opened fire on the party with a rifle.

The incident took place in the early morning on Oct. 20 when one partygoer at a house near 51st and Olive Avenues in Glendale got in some sort of altercation with other party guests and stormed out of the house.

The 27-year-old man returned to the party with a rifle. His name has not been released by police, who say the man began pumping rounds from the weapon in the general direction of the other people at the party.

Now, this just sounds like the type of party where someone is likely to have a gun, especially in Arizona where it is legal to carry a handgun without a permit. Sure enough, at some point after the 27-year-old leveled the rife at other guests, a 39-year-old man — whose name is also being withheld by police — whipped out his own piece.

The 39-year-old showed his gun to the angry rifleman, then shot the guy.

Police had been called to the scene by reports of gunfire, but all of this happened before they showed up. When they arrived, they found the 27-year-old badly wounded. They rushed him to a hospital with injuries that were said to be life-threatening.

The 39-year-old, who remained at the scene, was taken into custody and later released. Police said that he was cooperative.

“This is standard procedure under these type of circumstances,” said Police Spokesperson Tracey Breeden.

While no charges are expected against the 39-year-old, the younger man with the rifle is expected to face charges.

Sources: Arizona Republic, KPHO TV, ABC 15, Guns Save Lives


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