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Parrot May Help Solve Murder

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A parrot is reportedly the key to solving the mystery of his owner's death.

Martin Duram from Sand Lake, Michigan, was shot and killed at his home in May of 2015 and was believed at first to be one of the victims in an attempted double homicide. His wife also suffered a gunshot wound to the head, but ultimately survived.

Michigan State Police later listed 45-year-old Duram’s wife as a suspect in the killing, and his parents said they believe his parrot is a key witness.

“That bird picks up everything and anything, and it’s got the filthiest mouth around,” Duram’s mother, Lillian Duram, told WOOD TV. 

In a video that the family said they took weeks after the shooting, the parrot could be heard saying “Don’t f------ shoot.”

The bird had a history of mimicking both Duram and his wife, and the video showed it changing voices — seemingly mimicking an argument between husband and wife. 

“In my mind, it’s something that he’s heard, definitely heard before. And if it’s fresh in his mind, he might even say it more now,” the owner of Casa La Parrot in Grand Rapids said. 

Duram’s mother said she’s unsure as to why charges have yet to be filed against her son’s wife.

Sources: WOOD-TV, Daily Mail / Photo credit: WOOD-TV via Daily Mail

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