Parody Video Warns Gays to Beware of Neighborhood Homophobe (Video)

A new video (below) produced by FunnyOrDie.com parodies 1950′s education films such as "Boys Beware" that warned kids about homosexuals.

The parody video entitled "Gays Beware" is narrated by gay actor George Takei, who warns gays about a homophobe in their neighborhood, notes Mediaite.com.

"There's Dale Wilson struggling with his lawnmower," says Takei. "He looks normal, but he gives off clues of his prejudice with buzzwords like ‘pro-family,’ ‘traditional marriage’ or ‘pole-smoker.’"

"Dale wants to restrict marriage to a man and woman. Dale would let two idiots marry unless they were gay. Dale likes to say that same-sex marriage would hurt marriage, but Dale has been divorced twice."

“Dale’s dangerous opinions threaten to keep over 1100 rights away from gay couples, everything from tax deductions to property rights,” adds Takei.

The video was created to support Tie The Knot, a pro-gay marriage founded by actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his fiancee Justin Mikita.

Source: Mediaite.com and FunnyOrDie.com


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