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Park Ranger Pulls Gun On Couple Leaving Park Minutes After Closing Time (Video)

A park ranger in Chesapeake, Virginia, pulled a gun on a couple leaving a city park shortly after closing time on Oct. 18. Dylan Newton caught the incident on camera with his cellphone (video below).

Newton originally posted the video on YouTube, but took it down. However, part of the text on the cached page reads: "So the story behind this is, me and my girlfriend were at northwest river park 15 minutes past close, we were rushing to get back to our car due to that fact, we were stopped at the front ..."

Newton told WTKR the park ranger stopped the couple and ordered him to turn off his car three times and present his driver's license and vehicle registration.

Newton said he saw the park ranger reach for a weapon, so he turned his car back on because he feared for the safety of himself and his girlfriend.

Newton admitted that he panicked and drove away, but the park ranger was in hot pursuit.

“He almost T-boned me off the road into another car and he immediately jumped out of his car and continued to point his weapon at me and my girlfriend for about 15 minutes until police showed up,” Newton said.

"I was hoping he wasn't going to shoot at us," he added. "With all the things going on in the media with cops using excessive force and all these videos coming out, that's the only thing running through my head: I’m going to be one of these people."

Chesapeake officials told WTKR that park rangers follow police policies. According to the news station, however, the city's use-of-force policy allows officers to pull their weapons only in situations such as confronting armed suspects, searching buildings and stopping vehicles driven by felons.

Newton was charged with three misdemeanors: trespassing, failure to stop and failure to provide identification to an officer.

A Chesapeake city spokesman says the city is investigating the incident while the park ranger remains on the job.

Sources: WTKR, YouTube / Photo Credit: Dylan Newton/WTKR Screenshot


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