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Parents Who Pranked Kids On YouTube Punished (Photos)

Parents Who Pranked Kids On YouTube Punished (Photos) Promo Image

The Maryland couple who went viral for performing pranks on their children were sentenced to five years of probation.

Parents Michael and Heather Martin face child neglect charges and child abuse allegations after yelling at their kids until they cried and swearing at them on-camera, BuzzFeed reports.

At one point, the couple even shoved one of the kids, resulting in a bloody nose for the child.

The videos, uploaded to the DaddyOFive YouTube channel, drew the attention of authorities after viewers expressed concern.

"Please go report daddyofive on YouTube, he's physically and mentally abusing his children for money/views," one individual tweeted.

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After performing an evaluation of the five children, a psychologist said 10-year-old Cody and 11-year-old Emma -- Heather's stepchildren and Michael's biological kids -- suffered "mental injury."

The other three boys, who are Heather's biological children, were deemed fine.

Meanwhile, Heather and Michael also underwent psychological evaluations. Lindy Angel, the Frederick County Assistant State's Attorney, said that the results indicated "an extreme lapse in judgment," but that there was "no intention to injure the children."

"It was insensitive, cruel, bad decision-making," Angel said. "But there was no real intention behind it."

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The Martins have since lost custody of Cody and Emma, and have agreed to undergo counseling and refrain from making and posting any more such prank videos.

"The Martins are taking this very seriously," Angel said.

Stephen Tully, lawyer for the Martins, said the couple was "fully satisfied" with the outcome.

"[The Martins were] concerned about what took place and what effect it had on the children that they did not foresee," Tully said.

Sources: BuzzFeed, Chandlerspidey/Twitter / Featured Image: Esther Vargas/Flickr / Embedded Images: DaddyOFive/YouTube via Chandlerspidey/Twitter

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