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Controversial Sex Ed Book Is Pulled From School Library


Parents of students at an Oregon elementary school are demanding that a sex education book filled with graphic pictures depicting sexual acts be removed from the school's library.

The parents of students at Hudson Park Elementary School in Rainier say that the book was shown to their children without their consent. "It's Perfectly Normal" is the title of the book, which advertises its audience to be for children ages 10 and up and discusses sex, changing bodies and sexual health. The book has since been removed from library shelves.

The book includes illustrations of naked teens and adults, some depicting sexual acts, including masturbation, reports KPTV.

Although the Rainier School District did not want to comment on the situation, it said the book is on the state approved list of books permitted at the school. But the school’s principal admitted in a letter to parents on April 14 that the books were improperly passed out to fourth graders in the library, and necessary steps have been taken to remove them.

"Inappropriate human development and sexuality books were disseminated to students who had library [access]," states the principal's letter, according to KPTV. "Procedures have been put into place to make sure this doesn’t happen again. All questionable books have been pulled from library shelves."

The letter expressed regret and goes on to say that present guidelines about what books are allowed in the library are now being addressed. The school’s principal also said Hudson Park will provide parental warning whenever sex education is being taught in the classroom, so that students can opt out if they are not comfortable.

School officials claim a sixth grade class inadvertently left the books out in the library, where a fourth grade class -- including students just nine years old -- found and read them. School officials maintain that it was an honest mistake.

However, some parents of the 4th graders, said the school’s librarian showed their kids the book and even urged them to bring it home. The angry parents, who want to remain anonymous to protect their children from negative consequences, say the book never should have been allowed in the library, specifically without warning parents.

District officials say the situation is still under investigation and the school’s librarian has been disciplined. Officials cannot comment further because this is a personnel issue.

Sources: KPTV, Fox News / Photo credit: Fox News

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