Parents On The Run After Police Find 54-Pound Teen Son (Photos)

Parents On The Run After Police Find 54-Pound Teen Son (Photos) Promo Image

Police in Centralia, Washington, are on the hunt for a couple who failed to show up to their sentencing hearing after they pleaded guilty to neglecting their malnourished 16-year-old son. 

Anthony Foxworth, 45, and Mary Foxworth, 42, were arrested in 2016 after they brought their son to the hospital, saying he hadn't eaten in three weeks. 

The teenager was unable to talk or open his mouth wide enough for a throat examination, according to KCPQ. He had multiple bald spots, could not stand on his own, had 24 teeth in need of dental work and had the skeletal age of a 13-year-old. 

In addition to his malnourished physical state, the boy did not know how to read or write and had not attended school since 2011, according The Chronicle. 

The Foxworths kept the 16-year-old in pull-up diapers and never taught him how to use a toilet. 

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"I remember thinking this is the most pale kid I have ever seen in my life. I knew he was acutely ill and I was concerned for a possible decompensation," a doctor who examined the teenager said, according to court documents quoted by The Chronicle. 

The teenager was one of three children, but appeared to be the only one to suffer from such severe neglect. Centralia Detective Corey Butcher described the Foxworths' other children as "totally fine." 

"They did have some signs later on that they were starting to head down the same road that the victim was but their health and appearance was completely different than the 16-year-old," he said, according to KCPQ.

After their arrest, Anthony and Mary were released on $10,000 bail, but continued to appear in court, pleading guilty to criminal mistreatment in October.

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On Nov. 1, the Foxworths failed to appear for their sentencing hearing and warrants were issued for their arrest. 

"My sense is that they are probably trying to leave the state," said Butcher. "I don't believe that they are ultimately going to accept any responsibility for what happened to this child and I think this is an extension of that."

"Obviously, we'd like to find these people," he continued. "We've got information that they have family in multiple states, everywhere from Georgia to Louisiana, California, Oregon and Idaho." 

Meanwhile, their son's health has dramatically improved under the care of a foster family. 

"The kid's doing great," Butcher said. "So far to date, he's gained over 90 pounds. He's grown about 4 inches. He's finally in school. He's just doing awesome."

Sources: KCPQ, The Chronicle / Featured Image: Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Centralia Police Department via KCPQ, Natalie Johnson/The Chronicle

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