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Parents Want Burlesque-Dancing High School Teacher Fired

An unidentified teacher at Hopewell High School in Hopewell, Virginia, is under fire for her after-school activities.

A video of the teacher performing in a burlesque show has surfaced online and the themed striptease has garnered at least 2,000 views, Orlando Sentinel reported.

Now, some parents don’t want her teaching.

“A lot of booty bopping, a lot of breasts,” parent Bernadette Thomason told WTVR of the video’s content. “The whole nine yards.”

Mary Peterson, the parent of another student, was shocked.

“I can’t believe a teacher that’s supposed to be teaching our children the right way would do something like that,” she told WTVR.

Despite calls to terminate her employment, legal expert Todd Stone said it’s unlikely the teacher will lose her job if she wasn’t responsible for distributing the video.

“If we are talking about an adult and someone else has chosen to distribute it, well that’s their choice,” he said.

“The Constitution protects free speech and expression," he added. "This is a legal profession or hobby. She has the right to do it and it’s protected under free speech.”

He noted that the video doesn’t fit the description for immorality, although most rules for firing teachers do contain such a clause.

Still, Thomason was upset.

“She doesn’t need to be teaching my child or any child at all for that matter,” she said.

Hopewell’s superintendent declined to comment because it would violate the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Sources: Orlando Sentinel, WTVR

Photo credit: dana robinson/Flickr, WTVR Screenshot


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