Parents Upset Over How School Is Paddling Their Son


Parents of a boy who was paddled at Lonoke CORE school are angry about the outcome of the paddling, not that the boy was paddled.

Cassie Bias, the boy’s mother, gave verbal permission to the school to paddle her son as a disciplinary measure after school officials told her he was misbehaving and threw a punch at another student.

But Cassie believes the school took the paddling too far.

The Bias’ son, Tyler, came home with bruises on the back of his leg after a paddling. One did not heal for 6 to 7 days.

“I looked on the back of his leg and I said son where did you get that bruise? He didn't even tell nobody,” said his father James Bias.

Cassie is upset because her son was paddled on the legs, not on the buttocks.

“She [mother] asked me what happened when I got my paddling, and I said I had to get hit by him and it ended up on my thigh,” said Tyler Bias to KATV.

Lonoke CORE school Director Brandon Barbaree admits to paddling Tyler, but not to hitting him on the leg.

"I administered 3 licks with a paddle to Tyler, all three were on the buttocks and did not hit any part of his leg,” Barbaree said in the police report.

"He delivered 3 licks to the student and was extremely careful making sure that the licks landed only on his buttocks,” a teacher who witnessed the paddling went on record saying.

The Bias’ do not believe school officials.

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“You don't have to hit my kid that hard, and he was denying it, and like I said you can't deny it because you done it,” said James.

“Some paddling, hey I would agree with that...but not that hard,” James said further.

A statement has been released by attorney Donn Mixon who represents the school district:

"We cannot confirm nor deny that this child received corporal punishment.”

”Any corporal punishment administered by a building level administrator with an adult witness is administered to the student's buttocks while clothed using a paddle.”

Whether the Department of Human Services is investigating the matter cannot be confirmed at this time.

Photo Source: KATV


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