Parents Upset With NYC Theater For Offering Kids Free ‘Nymphomaniac’ Screening


A Lower East Side movie theater upset parents this week by offering free admission to children, accompanied by an adult ticket-holder, to the unrated movie “Nymphomaniac: Vol. I.”

Landmark Sunshine Cinema has a Wednesday series called “Rattle & Reel” encouraging parents to take kids to the theater. Previous showings have included “12 Years A Slave” and “The Secret.”

Lars Von Trier’s new movie, which Sunshine will play on March 26, was rated NC-17 before the studio opted for the “unrated" label.

The Sunshine series is based on the idea that caregivers can get a break and see a movie, while the kids would probably nap.

“Nymphomaniac,” in all its carnal glory, might be a little too novel for kids to snooze through, especially given the heavy metal soundtrack.

“That’s a little appalling to include it in the series,” said Marcy Dermansky, 44, a New Jersey mom who brought her then-7-month-old daughter to a prior screening.

“My child slept halfway through the movie, but the babies don’t sleep through all of it,” she added. “Even if the kid doesn’t really process it ... as a parent, having that much violence or nudity on with her in the room just doesn’t really work for me.”

Sunshine stood by the scheduled screening.

“Offering these particular screenings to parents with infants gives them an opportunity to see new films in the marketplace,” a representative told the New York Daily News. “Our policy is to offer all films to our patrons regardless of subject matter or rating."

Sources: New York Daily News, Gothamist


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