These Parents Are Very Unhappy With Their Child's Playgroup

The parents of a young boy in Warwickshire, England are pulling their child out of an after school club because the club won’t let him wear dresses while under their watch.

The young child is five-year-old Romeo Clarke. The boy’s mother, Georgina Clarke, said officials from Buzz Children’s Club approached her last week and said her son had to dress according to his gender while at the playgroup.

“I was shocked and surprised,” Georgina Clarke told Mirror. “The leader, who is a really lovely lady, said she didn’t think it was appropriate he wore the dress. She said it was upsetting and confusing the other children. She took to me to one side after I dropped him off and said ‘Romeo will be welcome back when he wears clothes which match his gender.’”

Clarke's parents say they support their son dressing however he pleases and, accordingly, will pull him out of the program.

“He wears his dress to the supermarket and sings down the aisles,” his mother said. “He isn’t bothered what people think. I don’t think he should be. I’m proud he is so free and comfortable with himself…The whole family is very supportive and he won’t be going back to that club. He will just have to go somewhere else.”

Romeo’s father spoke to the media about the situation as well, and says he thinks the program handled his son poorly.

“I am not happy with the way the whole thing has been dealt with,” father Winston Morris said. “We think he has been singled out and he definitely won’t be going back…

“I don’t care if he wears the dress. He can be whatever he wants to be.”

Here's a video about young Romeo Clarke, courtesy of the Telegraph:

Sources: MirrorTelegraph


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