Parents Allegedly Force Toddler To Drink Beer (Video)

Parents Allegedly Force Toddler To Drink Beer (Video) Promo Image

Young parents in Argentina were arrested after reportedly forcing their toddler to drink beer and smoke a cigarette (video below).

The parents, ages 17 and 18, uploaded a video on social media showing them encouraging their allegedly intoxicated child to drink and smoke, the Daily Mail reports. It's not clear if the cigarette contained only tobacco or if it also had marijuana.

After it was shared widely, authorities arrested the parents at their home in Formosa in northern Argentina.

The child is now in the temporary care of her grandmother.

Her parents said the video was just a joke and they did not actually give their child alcohol or cigarettes.

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But the clip shows the child swaying and nearly falling over after appearing to briefly pass out.

To some, it was solid evidence the parents had gotten their child drunk and many expressed their horror and outrage on social media.

"They need to lose their rights to this child and never be allowed to have children again," wrote one Daily Mail reader.

"Poor poor baby girl, what the hell is wrong with people??!!" added another. "That little girl should be tucked up in bed and read a bedtime story not amongst the loud music alcohol and drugs...what a sad sad existence she will lead."

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"This is DISGUSTING!" wrote a third. "I hope that these so called 'parents' receive a lengthy prison sentence. And I pray that this sweet little baby is adopted by parents who love and cherish her the way she deserves to be…"

"Of all the desperate, childless people in the world, praying daily for a miracle of a child, you read something abhorrent like this," commented a fourth. "It truly saddens me beyond words. Bless her little heart."

It is not the first time a video like this has circulated online and shocked social media users worldwide.

In August 2016, a father in India allegedly forced his 10-month-old baby to drink beer directly from the bottle while being recorded on video, reports Metro.

A year before that, another father in India was captured encouraging his 4-year-old son to drink beer from a plastic cup while a group of men cheered him on, reports the Mirror.

"We have arrested two persons involved in this heinous crime and are looking for the other three men, including the boy’s uncle who are currently absconding," said Inspector T Rajasekar Subramanian from Kadaladi Police Station. "They will be charged for abduction and abuse of the child and punished accordingly. This is a serious crime."

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror, Metro / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Silk Tork/Wikimedia Commons, Challiyil Eswaramangalath Vipin/Wikimedia Commons

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