Parents Of Triplets Conceived Through Fertility Treatments Discover They're Pregnant With Twins Naturally


Utah parents that had triplets just seven months ago with the help of fertility treatments discovered that they are now naturally pregnant with twins.

Julie and David Grygla of St. George, Utah, announced that they will be adding two more children to their litter of three after discovering that they had conceived the children naturally.

“I'm grateful that they will all have a buddy, all the way through,” Julie, 33, told Deseret News while expressing concerns about how they’ll manage having five children under 14 months. “They will have each other to get in trouble with, but also to keep each other on the straight and narrow. That is a great comfort to me. And we're just going to have a lot of fun.”

Julie and David, 41, are both members of the LDS church and experienced fertility issues, leading them to pursue treatments in order to have the children. Earlier this year, Julie gave birth to triplets.

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“Dave was thrilled when he found out we were having triplets,” said Julie. “He kept saying, 'I can't believe it. I can't believe I'm getting the big family I always wanted.' I cried through the first four months of my pregnancy because I was so scared and so shocked and so not up for it.”

Despite her fear, Julie successfully gave birth to her triplets, and in a shocking twist of fate, the couple just recently learned that they had conceived twins naturally, which they didn’t think would happen for them. They had decided that they would try to conceive naturally one more time before they did fertility treatments again, but a month after they started trying, they were shocked to discover that the treatments wouldn’t be necessary.

“We both started crying,” recalled Julie. “We could not believe the miracle we were witnessing in that moment. 1.5 years it took us to get pregnant with the boys! And BAM! One month and there we were.”

Julie Grygla recounted the moment she found out that she was pregnant in a recent blog post.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Deseret News


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