Mixed-Race Couple Has Mixed-Race Twin Girls


Twin girls from Greater Manchester, England, have beaten one-in-a-million odds as each child takes after a different parent.

Hannah Yarker and Kyle Armstrong are the parents of fraternal twin girls, one of whom has blue eyes, white skin and light hair, and the other with brown eyes, brown skin and dark hair.

“Because they’re not identical twins they both developed in separate sacs and Myla’s taken more of their dad’s genes and Anaya’s taken more of mine,” said Yarker.

According to The Sun, Yarker and Armstrong discovered they were expecting just three months after meeting at a local bar. Although Yarker’s family frequently joked about the possibility of having mixed-race twins, everyone was surprised when Myla and Anaya truly beat the astronomical odds.

“They were saying ‘imagine if we got one of each,' that was the joke the whole way through,” Yarker recalled, reports The Manchester Evening News. “When we had them my partner turned round to me and said, ‘They actually are, we’ve got one of each.’”

"At first, both the girls had a purple tone to their skin, but they looked darker so I assumed they'd both taken after Kyle,” Yarker explained, reports The Sun.

Before having the twins, Yarker worked as a receptionist in a doctor’s office. She had to start maternity leave early because she was too large to fit behind the desk.

“They were good weights as well for twins,” Yarker explained. “They say below the 5-pound mark is normal but Anaya was 5 [pounds] 9 [ounces] and Myla was 6 [pounds] 5 [ounces].”

Now that the girls are almost a year old, Yarker frequently has to answer questions from curious people about her twin daughters.

"I can't walk down the aisle at the supermarket without getting stopped,” she explained. “People always comment, 'Are they both yours?' 'Are they sisters?' 'Are they related?'”

In addition to their different looks, Myla and Anaya are also developing different personalities.

"Myla is always on the move -- she's already crawling, although backwards, while Anaya's more laid back,” Yarker said.

“We can’t believe they’re twins, they’ve got the same birthday, same mum and dad and they’re just complete opposites in every way," exclaimed the proud mother.

Sources: The Sun, Manchester Evening News / Photo credit: The Sun

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