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Parents Prevent Daughter's Planned High School Shooting

A Maryland high-schooler's parents managed to prevent her from carrying out a school attack she had allegedly planned.

According to authorities, 18-year-old Nicole Cevario had acquired a shotgun, ammunition and materials for making a bomb, The Associated Press reports. The weapon and materials were found in the family home, said Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins.

Cevario's father reportedly found pipes, magnesium tape, firecrackers and fuse materials that could be used to make explosive devices in the family's home in Thurmont, Maryland, according to Crime Online.

The materials had reportedly not been combined to make a bomb when they were discovered.

"Basically the plan was to extract the black powder from the fireworks to create the pipe bombs," said Jenkins.

One of the Cevario's parents contacted Catoctin High School on March 23, at which point she was removed from class and turned in to authorities for an investigation. Cevario was later hospitalized for an emergency mental evaluation.

Cevario had allegedly planned to carry out the attack on April 5, according to her journal, which police say "clearly spelled out" plans for the bombing. The plans reportedly included a timeline for the attack, and what she expected during every stage -- Cevario reportedly intended to die during the attack.

The high-schooler was reportedly also researching the school's emergency procedures.

Investigators have said they believe Cevario was working alone, and that there is no longer any threat to the school.

"Within this diary, we saw evidence of mental health issues, a number of emotional issues, the way she went out and found the means to purchase materials," said Jenkins. "It was to create, basically to be a mass shooting type event. [There were] no specific names or targets."

"It was very clear to us that she had the means and materials to cause significant damage to herself, to the student body, to the facility up there at Catoctin High School," Jenkins added. "We felt this was going to be carried out."

Investigators do not believe bullying was a factor, but that Cevario had "a lot of frustration in her personal life."

Cevario is expected to be arrested after she is released from the hospital. Police have obtained an arrest warrant to charge her with possession of incendiary material with the intent to create a destructive device and possession of explosive material with the intent to create a destructive device.

Jenkins praised Cevario's parents for stepping forward, The Frederick News-Post reports.

"They saw something, they said something, they came forward, they did the right thing, so I give all the credit in the world to the parents of this young lady."

Sources: AP via WABC, Crime Online, The Frederick News-Post / Photo credit: Crime Online

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