Daycare Center Closed Over Child Abuse Allegations


A Mississippi daycare center has been shut down amidst allegations of sexual and physical abuse.

The Circle Y Child Care Center in Corinth, Mississippi, has been closed while state officials investigate allegations of abuse.

The owners of the facility were sent a letter from the Mississippi State Department of Health stating that it has “reasonable cause to believe that at least six children enrolled in the facility have been sexually and physically abused at the facility or on premises near the facility, while in care of the facility," according to FOX13.

The allegations were brought to the attention of the Alcorn County Sheriff’s Department in early March. The department is currently investigating the allegations, Sheriff Ben Caldwell told WREG.

“Six kids?" parent Emily Ronacher told FOX13. "That is not even one (or) two. That is six students. That is heartbreaking. It’s crazy.”

Nobody has been arrested or charged in connection with the case at this time.

The daycare center will remain closed throughout the investigation.

Sources: FOX13WREG / Photo Credit: Coverage Mail, Reece Terry/Daily Corinthian

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