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Parents Tell Son They Can't Care For Disabled Person, Don't Realize One Thing

A story of unknown origin making the rounds on Facebook is resonating with a lot of people. 

The story begins with parents receiving a call from their son, who was just discharged from the Army. He tells his parents that he's coming home, but that he had one request: He wants to bring a friend.

"Sure, we would love to have your friend for a visit," the man's father said.

The veteran explained that it wouldn't be just a visit. He wanted to know if his friend could move into the family's house. He said his friend stepped on a land mine while in war and lost an arm and a leg. His friend had nowhere to go.

The veteran's parents protested and said they wouldn't be able to take care of someone with such a handicap. 

"We have our own lives to live," the father told his son. "He'll find somewhere to live, he'll be OK. Just come home alone."

The son hung up the phone, and a few days later the parents got a call from the police saying that their son had taken his own life.

When the parents went to recover their son's body, they saw that he was missing an arm and a leg.

It turns out that the son wasn't really asking for a friend to move in to the family's home, but wanted to see if his parents would be willing to take care of him after he lost his limbs. His parents' answer disappointed him so terribly that he took his own as to not be a burden.

The story -- whether it's true or not -- goes to show that as human beings, we have to do our best to look out for others. While the idea of taking care of somebody with a disability may seem like an inconvenience to some, nothing is more important than human life.

Sources: NewsiosityShareably / Photo credit: Pexels

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