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Parents Take Their Daughter Out Of School After A Transgender Teen Is Allowed To Use The Women's Restroom

Pauline Adams and Jacob Smith pulled their daughter out of South Junior High in Boise, Idaho, after learning transgender students can use the bathroom of their choice. They are now waiting for the school to address their concerns. 

D.W. Trantham, a 13-year-old student at the school who identifies as female but was designated male at birth, uses the girls' bathroom. Word got back to Adams and Smith, who then removed their daughter from the school.

"We would not allow our child to share a restroom with someone of the opposite sex simultaneously at home, so why would we be OK with it at school?" Smith told KBOI.

Trantham was upset about their reaction.

"It was really devastating to think that parents were so scared of me and that their lack of understanding led them to take their child out of school," the teen said.

Adams is worried the school’s inclusion of transgender students will extend beyond the restroom.

"When does it go to the locker rooms?" she said. "Are you going to be OK with this? Are we going to allow our school district to make these decisions without asking (or) informing us? It's not OK.”

The Boise School District said in a statement, "The Office of Civil Rights has informed all schools that they must provide access to the facility of the transgendered students' choice.”

Smith and Adams don’t deny that the transgender student is a girl, but said they were concerned about privacy and security.

"I've heard a lot of that same response but this isn't just setting a rule for this one kid," Smith said. "This is also allowing, if a female chose to go to school who thought she should be a boy. This is also allowing her to choose to use the mens room. There is not as much privacy in the mens room."

Sources: KBOI(2) / Image via KBOI


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