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Son is Unable to Stop Stealing; Parents Chain Him to His Bedroom In Hopes of Correcting His Behavior

After repeatedly paying to cover the damages incurred by a son who wouldn’t stop stealing, parents in south China’s Jiangxi province decided to take drastic measures: they chained their 24-year-old son up in his bedroom.

The chain looped around Chuang Yuan’s neck and connected to a heavy concrete block -- keeping his movements so constrained that he couldn’t do anything other than move around the bedroom and sit in his bed.

Chuang’s father Wen, 47, expressed that his son’s thieving habits had brought shame to the family. He feared that if Chuang did not stop stealing, he was going to end up in jail.

“It isn’t exactly a large community here, when something is stolen everybody knows who’s to blame,” Wen said.

“I always had to compensate my neighbors and apologize for what he had stolen if I couldn’t return it and I just got fed up with it,” Wen continued.

Chuang’s stealing habits had been developing for years. His parents’ frequent reprimands and repeated warnings did nothing to curb his behavior.

Wen explained that instead of turning his son over to jail, he decided to chain him up at home “to remind him exactly what a wonderful thing [it] is to have freedom.”

As for how long he intends to keep his son locked up his bedroom for, Wen said that before he releases his son, he needs “to be convinced he’s learned his lesson and is prepared to become a proper part of the community.”

The family lives in the Xibianban village.

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