Parents Shocked After Third-Graders Suspended For ‘Gang Activity’


Philadelphia parents were shocked to learn their children were suspended from elementary school for “affiliation in an organized gang,” according to notices sent by the school.

Parents will meet with school officials from Alexander Adaire Elementary School in Fishtown Monday, after 16 students in grades three through five were accused of “instigation or participation in group assaults” at school.

“I was beside myself at first,” the mother of one eight-year-old, who did not wish to be identified, told MyFoxPhilly. “A ‘gang’? My kid’s in third grade.”

The police department told Fox it was not informed of any gang activity at the school, and it questions the use of the word “gang.” It says the term is something it doesn’t take lightly.

District spokeswoman Chanice Savage said the school investigated the incidents, which took place last week, and identified all of the students involved on Thursday.

Savage did not elaborate on what the students allegedly did. She called the incidents minor and said the police were not involved.

Savage said the suspended students will be reinstated following the mandatory parent conference Monday.

Sources: MyFoxPhilly,


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