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Parents Shave Girl's Head, Force Her to Wear Diaper in Public

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In Fridley, Minnesota, Stephanie Brotena and her husband Darnell Landrum (pictured below) were charged on Wednesday with malicious punishment of a child after they allegedly admitted to shaving Brotena's 12-year-old girl's head and making her run sprints outside in a diaper as punishment for a failing grade on her report card.

Up to 50 people, mostly men and boys, were on the street gawking at the girl as she ran back and forth in a tank top and a diaper. During the 30-minute humiliation, only two people called the police.

Lt. Monsrud told MSNBC.com: "Parental discipline is one thing, but intentional humiliation of a child is abuse no matter what. They told her if she didn't get good grades, they would shave her head and put her on 'diaper duty,' which I guess meant running up and down the street and cleaning up trash as a form of public humiliation."

"What is perhaps the most disturbing is that all the way up to the jail, the couple was laughing and joking, not believing they were involved in anything inappropriate. They questioned police involvement. They believed it was their decision as parents to discipline the girl."

The girl and three other children in the family have been placed in foster care.

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