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Parents Say New High School Name Is 'Less Patriotic' And 'Potentially Confusing'

A group of parents in Frisco, Texas are upset with the name of a high school set to open next year because it shares its name with a Middle East nation.

Frisco Independent School District said it chose the name Lebanon High School to honor an old farming community in Frisco’s past. But a group of parents are concerned that the name — which is also used for a church and a road in the district — is outdated and doesn’t fit well with the community.

A group of eight parents met with NBC 5 on Jan. 16 to express their concerns. They said they were originally told by the district the school would be called Freedom High school and feel the new name is less patriotic and potentially confusing.

“There are a lot of people out there that are not happy with this name,” Liffey Skender, one of the concerned parents, told NBC 5.

Skender claims she has received two dozen phone calls and 100 emails from parents who feel the same way after she voiced her opinion at a board of trustees meeting in December.

The group of parents, who are already dealing with redistricting, said all they want is for the district to put the name change to a vote, a request that is rarely granted according to a representative for the district.

“All we’re asking for is a voice, to be heard and have an open mind,” Skender said, adding that the district could use this as an opportunity to promote ownership in the new campus by involving students and parents in the naming process.

The district told NBC 5 it is considering changing the school’s name but not for the same reasons the parents want.

It is considering adding another word like “community,” “central,” or “trail” to modify the name. The reason would be to differentiate Lebanon High School from Liberty High School, otherwise they would both share the same acronym.

Skender and her supporters are planning to speak at the next school board meeting on Feb. 9.

Sources: NBC 5, Frisco ISD / Photo Credit: NBC 5


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