Parents of Sandy Hook Victim Noah Pozner Outraged at Absentee Uncle Capitalizing on Tragedy


The parents of 6-year-old Noah Pozner, who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting this past December, are outraged that an absentee uncle is attempting to capitalize on the boy’s murder and are asking him to publicly desist from acting as the family's self-appointed spokesman.

Last Sunday, Noah’s father Lenny Pozner said he was disgusted when saw a TV clip of his brother-in-law, Alexis Haller, claiming Noah, “always insisted he [wanted to work] in a taco factory, so we’ve used tacos as a way to celebrate Noah.” The video then pans to his wife Victoria as she cooks the meal.

Just a month after the tragedy, Haller, an attorney in Woodinville, Wash., told Seattle TV he started a taco night to memorialize the first-grader who was shot 11 times on Dec. 14.

Pozner claims the estranged relative only met his son three times and had almost no contact with Noah or his siblings. He says Haller not only appointed himself as family spokesman, he also started a website for Noah without permission in order to take donations from the public.

Pozner said in a written statement: “He made declarations and statements in the media, submitted legislative proposals, collected money and registered domain names and email addresses in our murdered son’s name in the wake of our tragedy, even though neither of us signed any retainer agreement with him or gave him permission to do so.”

“They are milking a child’s murder for all it’s worth to further their need for attention,” Pozner posted on his Google page on April 28. “The blatantly self-promoting and inappropriately lighthearted tone of this video will inspire disgust in anyone who knows that Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Haller met Noah all of three times in his short life and had almost no contact with Noah or my other children.”

“He and his wife have turned our tragedy into a long infomercial for Alexis Haller,” he wrote.

Haller responded to allegations in the New Haven Register saying his sister Veronique, Pozner’s wife, called him in to handle a Bronx woman, a stranger to the family, who allegedly set up a website to take donations in Noah’s name.

“My public statements helped raise money for my sister’s children,” Haller said. “They also helped expose the fraud that was being perpetrated against the family.”

Haller said most of Pozner’s claims are “demonstrably false.” He says he stopped speaking for the Pozner family after they asked him to in January. In order to prove he backed off, he released email and text message correspondence he had with his sister and others.

Pozner maintained Friday, “My son was murdered” and his uncle “sought to profit from it in any way that he could."

Haller denied he used the tragedy to further his career.

Source: New York Post


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