Couple Discovers Daughter Was Kidnapped From Her Family

After six years, a Chinese couple realized the daughter they had adopted had been stolen from her family and sold to them.

In 2010, a child referred to as Nahua was 2 years old when she was allegedly kidnapped while playing outside her home in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwestern China.

Her biological father, whose surname is Mu, was a migrant worker. Nahua and Mu's wife would travel with him as he worked as an electrician throughout the region, according to the Daily Mail.

Nahua was out of her father’s sight “for no more than two minutes” when she was abducted by a child trafficking ring. After Nahua was abducted, she was reportedly sold for about $760, the same price as a month’s salary for her father, to someone in Toksun County in Xianjing.

Although child trafficking in China is a major problem, the Chinese government doesn't give out statistics about the number of children who have been kidnapped or sold into adoption, according to The Atlantic. Some U.S. families have unknowingly adopted children from China who were taken from their families.

Mu sold his home and quit his job to travel through Xinjiang to look for Nahua. He visited every police station he could in an attempt to find any information that could lead him to his daughter.

One day, he posted an online ad asking local officials and social media users to help him search for his child. The ad included a photo of Nahua and a note that stated she had a particular mole underneath one of her arms.

Nahua’s adoptive father saw the ad on WeChat, the Chinese service similar to Twitter. Once the couple realized their daughter’s biological family was looking for her, they contacted the police.

Law enforcement officials in Tokson County contacted police in the city of Urumqi to inform them a man called to report his daughter matches the child posted in the ad. Police tested both Mu and Nahua’s DNA, which had a 99.9 percent match.

Nahua’s adoptive parents were unable to have children. They told police that a name identified as Mr. Wu offered the child to the couple and said Nahua was the second child of his sister-in-law. Wu was arrested in 2013 on child trafficking charges and is serving an 11-year prison sentence.

Nahua was reported to be hesitant to leave her adoptive family.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Atlantic / Photo credit: CEN via Daily Mail

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