Parents' Ebola Prank Sparks Controversy Online (Video)


A Houston couple played a prank on their young son and told him he had Ebola, and now, video of their prank and his reaction has caused a stir online.

The clip shows a Houston, Texas couple playing what some say is a cruel prank on their young son. The boy’s mother is seen in the clip holding a thermometer and wearing a protective mask over her face. She looks at the thermometer and notes that he has a fever.

The boy’s father, who is filming the clip, informs the youngster that he in fact has Ebola. The boy immediately begins to cry before the video ends.

Some say that this was a harmless prank, but others have blasted the parents for making light of something so serious and for telling their son that he has a deadly disease.

“WOW that was cruel,” commented one user on YouTube.

“Tasteless prank is tasteless only for getting views,” commented another YouTube user. “Pathetic worthless parents. It's not the prank that boils my blood, but the fact they recorded it then uploaded it to the public on the web as a light hearted joke.”

Others, however, saw humor in the prank.

“Can’t stop laughing!” expressed one user.

Another seemed to think that the boy should retaliate against his parents.

“I hope they realise [sic] he has a lifetime to play a prank on them so they better keep that sick sense of humor for ever,” the user wrote. “If you dish it out you better be able to take it.”

Do you think these parents went too far in telling their son he had Ebola as a prank?

Sources: Top Right News, Mirror UK


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