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Parents Post Craigslist Ad Asking for 'Really Skinny Person' to Make Kids Finish Food

Parents who were tired of dealing with their picky children decided to make a Craigslist ad asking for skinny people to help teach their kids that there are starving people in the world.

The ad was posted in Phoenix, Ariz. and asks for a "really really skinny person" to help teach the kids that they should feel bad about throwing away their food.

They said they want someone to "act hungry" in front of the kids as they throw away their unfinished meals.

"I'd love for you to get into the role," the post says. "Maybe a wide-eyed whimper and extension of an emancipated claw/hand as the meatloaf slides into the trash can. Must be able to pull off dejected as you sulk away."

The parents also want a specific type of skinny.

"I'd love to avoid meth skinny for obvious reasons. Also, actual hunger skinny because that meatloaf is staying in the trash. Also would like to avoid some sort of body-image-malfunction skinny because my daughter is so impressionable right now. My #1 choice would be parasite skinny, but I know chances of finding that are slim."

Many are now wondering whether or not they should respect a child's appetite.

The Mayo Clinic recommends not forcing children to finish their meals.

"Likewise, don't bribe or force your child to eat certain foods or clean his or her plate. This might only ignite - or reinforce - a power struggle over food," they said.

They urged parents to be patient during meals so children don't associate eating with anxiety and frustration.

"Serve small portions to avoid overwhelming your child and give him or her the opportunity to independently ask for more," they said.

"Research shows this leads to over consumption and a tendency to be overweight or obese."

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