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Parents Pick Unique Baby Names and Immediately Regret It

While parents always try to name their children something they think will fit their personality, a recent study shows many are regretting the names they have given their youngsters.

Netmums conducted a survey of over 6,000 mothers and fathers and found that one in 10 parents fear they have given their child an embarrassing name. Most of those parents said they chose the name because of a "trendy" fashion statement.

It was also found that one in 20 parents were "forced" to give their child another name because someone stole their original idea.

Now, many parents are choosing "extreme retro" names for their children, including Mabel, Ethel, Stanley, Alfie and Grace.

Another trend seems to be double-barreled first names like Taylor-Rose. These names are replacing middle names and are mostly being chosen for females.

On top of regretting the names they give their children, parents are also following a trend of getting their children's names tattooed and naming all of their children with the same first letter.

When they were asked what influenced the name of their child, 25 percent said they used fashion trends, while one in seven said they chose an unusual name because it wasn't "dull."

Three in 10 parents said they chose an unusual spelling for their child's name to make them stand out. 

Sources: Inquisitr, Netmums


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