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Parents Outraged Over Tiny Lunches Served To Students

Parents of students at a Texas middle school are pushing administrators for answers after their children were served “miniscule” portions for their lunch.

According to reports, the issue was first raised when 13-year-old Tanner Glenney sent his mother a picture of the tiny teaspoon of taco meat that was served to him in the large shell during lunch one day.

“I first thought it had to be a mistake or the kids were messing around,” mom Shelley Glenney admitted. “And then when he told me that’s all we got, it’s just a little shocking. I didn’t know what to think.”

At first, Shelley says, she thought the picture was funny, but when she thought more about it, she realized that if kids aren’t eating enough, it might affect them negatively.

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“They can’t concentrate when they don’t have enough to eat,” Shelley noted.

Shelley decided to post the picture on Facebook, and quickly, other parents expressed their outrage.

“I saw the reaction from the other parents, saying things like they were fuming and it was outrageous,” Shelley said.

Administrators caught wind of the situation and reportedly reached out to Shelley Glenney and her son Tanner, apologizing for serving students such a small amount of food.

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“Any reasonable person can see there’s not enough meat on that taco,” Associate Superintendent of Educational Operations Jerry Hollingsworth told NBC 5 News. “I’m certainly not aware of this being a pattern and if that’s the case, we need to fix it and we will.”

Hollingsworth says that administrators are planning to sit down with those in charge of nutrition at the school and discuss what an appropriate amount of food looks like.

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Source:NBC 5 News / Photo Source: NBC 5 News


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