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Questions On Fourth Grade Homework Assignment Angers Parents (Photos)

A school in El Paso, Texas is in hot water after parents brought to their attention a homework assignment some fourth grade students were sent home with.

According to reports, some fourth-graders at Pasodale Elementary School were sent home with a reading assignment featuring questions with life situations that are far too intense for young children to comprehend. One of the questions, shown below, shocked some parents the most.

Ruby sat on the bed she shared with her husband holding a hairclip. There was something mysterious and powerful about the cheaply manufactured neon clip that she was fondling suspiciously. She didn’t recognize the hairclip. It was too big to be their daughter’s, and Ruby was sure that it wasn’t hers. She hadn’t had friends over in weeks but there was this hairclip, little and green with a few long black hair strands caught in it. Ruby ran her fingers through her own blonde hair. She had just been vacuuming when she noticed this small, bright green object under the bed. Now their life would never be the same. She would wait here until Mike returned home.

1.Why is Ruby so affected by the hairclip?

2.How has the hairclip affected Ruby’s relationship?

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When Ursula Silverstein, an upset parent of a 10-year-old student, saw the assignment, she became infuriated.

"I think life situations like that should be taught at home, not at school," said Silverstein to KTSM.

Another parent, Nancy Desantiago, echoed Silverstein’s sentiments.

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"Why would the teacher give them that type of assignment, you know?” asked Desantiago. “It could be something about nature or planets. But something about that, it's very inappropriate.”

Yselta Independent School District issued a statement following the incident, ackonwleding that the assignment was inappropriate and vowing to take care of the situation.

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"YISD administration is aware of an unacceptable assignment that was given to a 4th- grade class at Pasodale Elementary,” said the school in the statement. “We apologize to the students and the parents who received this assignment. Campus administration has addressed the issue with the teacher, and has taken decisive measures to assure that future assignments are aligned to the curriculum and are of the highest instructional caliber.”


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