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Parents Outraged Over School's Anti-Bullying Workshop, Kids Asked If They're Gay (Video)

The West Allegheny Middle School in Imperial, Pennsylvania, is under fire for an anti-bullying workshop in which 8th graders were asked personal questions about themselves and their families on Jan. 13 (video below).

Pamela Brosovic, whose nephew was in the "kindness worship," told WTAE that the questions included: “Is any of your family members in jail? Is anybody gay? Are you gay? Do you feel bisexual?"

Lauralee Nickels, parent of a middle schooler, added: "Do you have financial issues at home? Do your parents ever worry about providing you with the essentials?"

The questions also reportedly included: disabilities, immigration and religion. The kids were told to put on a mask and reveal their answers, according to some parents, which would give bullies new ammunition.

The school sent a letter to parents before the workshop, but it did not go into detail.

“Some of the questions that were asked were way too personal, maybe to be even discussed with a guidance counselor, let alone out in the middle where other kids could hear the information,” Bob Moore, the parent of a 13-year-old girl, told CBS Pittsburgh.

"My nephew felt very uncomfortable, so he texted his father, and my brother went and pulled him from the school," Brosovic added. "This is ridiculous.”

West Allegheny superintendent Jerri Lippert told WTAE in an emailed statement: "West Allegheny Middle School conducted an interactive kindness workshop for eighth grade students that promoted peer acceptance to proactively address issues of bullying amongst students in school and on social media related to body image, race, religion, and sexual orientation."

"Following each workshop, our facilitators reviewed student feedback and took appropriate actions by altering the remaining sessions. The intent of the workshop was to build a positive school culture and was not intended to offend any students."

Parents plan to meet with the school superintendent on Jan. 19.

Sources: CBS Pittsburgh, WTAE / Photo Credit: WTAE Screenshot

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