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Parents Outraged By Anonymous Twitter Posting Photos Of Teens Passing Out Drunk, Stripping (Video)

New York parents in Nassau and Suffolk County are upset over an anonymous Twitter account which posts photos of underage kids drinking, doing drugs, and stripping at Long Island house parties.

The account @LIPartyStories has more than 26,000 followers. It tweets pictures teens passing out in the street and sleeping on toilets, boys peeing in houseplants and girls peeing in sinks.

“Kids do stupid things,” Port Washington parent Peter Winick told CBS New York. “We've probably all done stupid things, now you've got social media to be able to publish to the world how dumb you are forever.”

The account says people send them photos and they only post them.

“These kids are literally taking their life in their hands, clearly they don’t know that,” said Marg Lee, of the anti-teen drinking organization DEDICATEDD. “Often times when a kid drinks too much his or her friends will leave them and the kid will die from alcohol poisoning.”

She says teens aren't thinking about the fact that colleges and businesses can see these images.

“Once it’s out in cyberspace there’s no taking it back,” Lee said. “If an employer is going to be looking for someone to represent their company you’re not going to want somebody that’s been all over the web.”

Suffolk County authorities know about the account, but say it will only be used as part of a larger investigation if a complaint is filed.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS New York


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