Parents Outraged After High School Track Coaches Make Students Do Painful 'Bear Crawls'

Four coaches at a high school in Indiana may lose their jobs after they forced teenage athletes to "bear crawl" on a running track if they missed practice, resulting in gruesome blisters and bruises.

Most of the students who were forced to bear crawl had bloodied and blackened hands afterwards.

The coaches decided to start implementing the new punishment after they had a day where only 12 students showed up for track practice.

"Some missed because they had to do stuff for prom. One kid had a basketball game. One girl had a doctor's appointment and was told she had to do four laps," a Cascade High School student said.

The school has apologized to parents for the "inappropriate behavior" the four varsity track team coaches exhibited. They are now on paid administrative leave and have been asked to resign.

The coaches told the students to bend over from a standing position with their hands on the ground, using both their feet and hands to walk around the track.

"They were all black, and these were really red and they hurt even right now," a girl said of her hands.

Some members of the varsity track team are defending their coaches. Athlete Matt Shepard said they did not intend for the students to get hurt.

Another track member, Regina Solik, said, "I don't think there's a single person on this track team that says, 'I want them fired.'"

But school administrators think otherwise. 

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jill Jay said in a statement that the school does not condone or tolerate that kind of behavior from its employees.

Sources: Daily Mail, WTHR


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